Detached Retina
Flashes of light and floating spots are classic warning signs of a detached retina — get them checked out ASAP.

Diabetic Retinopathy
Damage to the eye’s retina due to diabetes.

Different Colored Eyes (Heterochromia)
Many people (and animals) have two different colored eyes. What causes it? Is it a problem that requires an eye exam?

Dilated Pupils
What causes larger-than-normal pupils and what to do about it.

Double Vision (Diplopia)
Many conditions cause double vision, including stroke and cataracts. What to do.

Dry Eye Infographic
Learn eight symptoms, causes and steps to managing dry eye.

Dry Eye Syndrome
Why eyes get dry. Also read about dry eye treatments and relief, such as eye drops, tear duct (punctal) plugs and nutritional supplements for more eye moisture. Also, see the dry eye doctor’s answers to reader questions.

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